Here are some questions that you have asked that we said we(me, myself and I) would answer:

Q: Fist me daddy?

A: No.

Q: Call me daddy?

A: No!


Q: Where did the names of the monsters came from? (e.g. Chronodons)

A: I don’t really know, some of the monster he may have taken from games or other fantasy stories while that Chronodon name probably, he took some random cool prefix (Chrono-) and added it to another cool suffix (-don) which is usually used for dinosaur names.


Q: Add pages about character profiles then?

A: Uhh. No, we might have if we had handled the series for a long time.


Q: Forum?

A: Meh, that’s probably a lot of work. Just go to the reddit site, it’s just as good as any forum sites out there.


Q: Where is Dain?

A: She’s out there, somewhere. Probably.


Q: Where are you?

A: I’m in the Philippines. GMT +8.


Q: How do you translate?

A: I think all of us have different ways of translating, though I taught DarkSun95 so we have similar ways of translating. And I translate word per word without leaving a word out. That’s why it’s pretty time-consuming for me.


Q: Could you teach me senpai?

A: I would if you would pay me per hour. Lol. Just kidding, just send us a message and let’s see what we can do. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to bother if you know  yourself that you wouldn’t really like doing machine translating since learning it would be a hard work.


Q: What are you gonna do now that you guys have turned over LMS to Rainbow Turtle?

A: Well, I would probably play Fallout 4(Lol jk, my laptop will die if I did.). My plans are to repair, bandage, and sculpt the rough edges of the past chapters to make them better for the future readers. And after that, I would probably take on another series.


Q: What would be the next series you would be translating?

A: Uhh. I don’t know really, I’m looking to pick up some of the lost legacies out there but then, there might be some novels that are good but are untranslated yet. So I’m still looking for some.


Q: Does the beer there taste the same here? 

A: I don’t really know. I don’t really drink, I haven’t even tasted the beer here. Oh yeah I have, Root Beer.