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Volume 27 Chapter 9 and a few words.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hey there guys, this is probably the most awaited chapter of the volume. As you might have already seen, we are going to give the LMS project to Rainbow Turtle of Rainbow Turtle Translations. So from now on, you’ll be getting your next chapters from the site.

To those who don’t really want to read the message below or wanted to read the chapter first before reading the message, here is the link, Volume 27 Chapter 9: A Meeting with a Sculptural Lifeform Race.

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Volume 27 Chapter 8

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hello there everyone, well the long wait has ended as its time for the release of Chapter 8! (Yay!) Anyways, we seriously need to add pages in this site. Give any questions you want us to answer for the FAQ’s and we will answer them in there along with the current schedule. You could ask random questions if you want like if we have a statue of Weed? or are we in contact with him every now and then. Even I don’t know what things to put in there.

Anyways, I give to you Chapter 8: The Offering Work of The Dwarves, the second to the last chapter of the volume(Yes, the next chapter is going to be the last because of the absurdly long chapters).

Translator: Ylric
TLC: Sunova
Editor: Hunter3368

Volume 27 Chapter 7

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hello there everyone, I’m pretty sure you’ve been waiting for that bar to be in ‘Done’. From now on we’re going to do the posts like this, separating the message post from the whole chapter. And also, somebody in the comments section said they want to also see the next chapter’s title. Tell me guys what you think about it.

And also, let us welcome Hunter3368 as an editor for the team! (Finally an editor T_T)

Anyways, thank you all again for another patient wait. Let me present to you yet another long chapter, Volume 27 Chapter 7: A Country’s King.

Enjoy the chapter!

Translators: Ylric, Sunova, DarkSun95

Editors: Hunter3368

Thank You for Your Support, Some Clarifications as well

Hi Guys, and Gals, We want to thank everyone for supporting this site, although our translations are a bit rough we are deeply touched that so many of you stick with us and support us. And a shout out to all the donators, this site wouldn’t exist with support from people like you and our other fans/supporters. As I’m sure many of you already know, we had a misunderstanding/problem with ClickyClick, it seems that he thinks he lost his viewers, but I believe he hasn’t because I’m sure many of you, me (Sunova) included refer back to Clicky’s site once he releases his accurate translations. I for one just juggle both sites, or will juggle as soon as he catches up, so I actually do encourage him to continue with his work, his translations really are pretty dang accurate. Just sad that this misunderstanding happened between our two groups, we (the translators) may decide on further action regarding Clicky later. But anyways, the next big question I’m sure you are all wondering, The next chapter. Well chapter 4 is basically done, and Ylric and the team have been working hard to translate more than just one chapter this week, I’m sure some of you saw our progress bar said something about a surprise, I edited it again today, but anyways, the answer is soon, and it’ll probably be more than 1 chapter, so just bear with us a little longer, sorry If I sound like a person trying to make excuses, but really just a little longer, haha. Well Thanks for your support, and more info regarding Clicky will come soon, probably if the problem isn’t resolved, and the chapter should come out this week. Well Peace Out Guys. Please be Patient and Don’t Rage Out, You guys are scarier than a Bone Dragon tbh, readers are the scariest, trust me you guys have more power than you know, haha, keep up your support, we do take notice and appreciate it. Thank You, Truly, also if you have time answer the poll, just taking it into consideration.