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Volume 27 Chapter 9 and a few words.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hey there guys, this is probably the most awaited chapter of the volume. As you might have already seen, we are going to give the LMS project to Rainbow Turtle of Rainbow Turtle Translations. So from now on, you’ll be getting your next chapters from the site.

To those who don’t really want to read the message below or wanted to read the chapter first before reading the message, here is the link, Volume 27 Chapter 9: A Meeting with a Sculptural Lifeform Race.

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Volume 27 Chapter 6

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hello there everyone! How is everyone’s Halloween/Weekend or other stuff in life? Sorry for the wait. I’m pretty much sure its worth given the 6500+ words in this chapter.

Thanks for the support and patience of everyone, we’ve seen your comments and very much appreciate them. So without further ado, this is your treat for this week. The Chapter 6 of Volume 27 : Forge of Hestia.

Enjoy the chapter!

Translators: Ylric, DarkSun95, Sunova

Forge of Hestia

“At this point, I need to endure this.”

During his quest, Bard Ray was teleported and sent to the middle of a battlefield.

In the history of the Versailles Continent, it was The Battle of Kelton Kingdom and Mapon Kingdom!

Bard Ray was currently wearing the suit of the Kelton Kingdom.

“Not bad. Fights like these…”

Bard Ray pulled out his sword.

Soldiers of Mapon Kingdom rode on horses as their gallop resounded on the earth. Dust clouds and long ringing sounds of the horn that they produced also caused them to feel excitement and fear towards the war. Continue reading

Volume 27 Chapter 5

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hey there everyone!

This is the Chapter 5 of Volume 27. I’m sure you guys are already waiting for this chapter so…

Enjoy the chapter!

Translators: Ylric, Sunova, DarkSun95

The Birth of Ceramists

Ever since the hunting of the Chronodons by the Orcs started, there were no still accidents that happened. The bird eggs were so well made that they were already enough to attract the Chronodons. There were also the skillful warriors and hunter Orcs to take into account.

When there was only 4 left for the completion of the quest, 6 of them suddenly appeared all at once.

Every second was a dangerous moment.

‘This is the end.’

All six of them descended to the earth as Weed and the fearless Orcs waited for a surprise attack.

“Chwiiik, Catch those bastards.” Continue reading

Volume 27 Chapter 4

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hey there!

Well here is Chapter 4 of Volume 27. Thank you guys for waiting for this chapter. Sunova actually became sick after his exams last week so not much could be done by him on the early days. And also it’s really been a long week for us with the things going on.  We want to thank all the people who supported us and patiently waited for this chapter. We just released this earlier so don’t lose hope and enjoy!

Translators: Ylric, Sunova, Raindownchips, DarkSun95

Bird Egg Sculpture

The Chronodons were monsters that most people didn’t often meet in the Versailles Continent. The information boards and various message boards didn’t have much information about them around. Continue reading

Volume 27 Chapter 3

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hey there!

Hey guys, this is Sunova, and sorry bout the wait, but it seems our entire translating group has real life problems every week. I had exams and college prep stuff this week while Raindownchips is still busy, but anyways we present to you chapter 3! We will hope to do faster chapter releases once our schedules and lives calm down, hopefully as soon as possible. Now on a different note, more info will probably come up sometime later about scheduling and some major questions that have been popping up in comments but we will still work things out before putting up any posts. Also, remember now is the time to post any questions you have about this chapter in the comments section. Thanks to all who donated and we appreciate your support! Any donations you can offer to this site would be much appreciated. Thank You! -Sunova

And also, let us welcome DarkSun95 as a machine translator. Basically, we helped him set up and guided him as a machine translator. He just joined recently, that’s why he couldn’t also help much on this chapter.

Translators: Ylric, Sunova, Raindownchips, DarkSun95

The Orc’s Quest

The Hermes Guild had no choice but to devote their time on maintaining rule over Haven Kingdom for the time being. Continue reading