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Schedule and Other Information

The Translators have decided on a rough schedule, from now on after the posting a new chapter the day after we will not do any translating and instead use the day to answer questions posted on comments. Sunova will answer questions about confusing bits of the translation if there are any. We will begin to prioritize speed over perfect accuracy, but our accuracy will be understandable. This decision is because we believe that there are more readers who want the next chapters as soon as possible over accurate ones. The schedule release will be at least one post a week, but please understand some chapters are longer and may take up to 2 weeks. We will attempt to post as soon as possible, we thank you for the support. Later as this site and project grows we may make a social media page, until then please support this project. If you have any questions please post comments on this post. We have started the translation of Volume 27 Chapter 3, Orc’s Quest yesterday. We will try and finish by at least next week,after a few more chapters a proper schedule and accurate time frame may be established, but it depends on the schedule of the translators.We hope that you will understand, we will try our best for faster releases. Thank You

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