Hey there guys!

This is Ylric. Sorry guys for not updating the site for a long time. My closed door training didn’t went to well. After starting my closed door training, I translated a couple chapters of the novel I picked. But a little later my laptop broke and I just got it fixed a month ago. I talked to the author of the novel and he was alright with me translating the novel though there came some complications with the licensing that he needed to talk about with first. Well on the good side, even if the training didn’t went well, I seem to be able to translate everything just fine.

And also, I was just done translating the missing chapter for LMS which is Volume 26 Chapter 10. To anyone who wanted to reread it, you guys could read it on the wikia page. The chapter back then was pretty much different to the updated chapter. And I’m still thinking whether to add it or not to the site.

I might release some teaser chapters for that novel. It’s called Sword&Sword which is another VRMMORPG novel. Though given that I haven’t received any news from the author, I can’t really continue working on with the novel given its unknown status. I might move on to another novel or might help with other novels.

Either way, I will just give you guys an update about it. Thank you.



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