Latest News From Author 남희성’s Blog

Hey Guys, This is Sunova again so anyways, the author doesn’t give much info on his blog but from reading it I have gotten some info that might interest you guys.

So #1 volume 46 is already out, I know obviously right? He will only release volume 47 after he completely writes it, might seem obvious but he used to give previews and released some sample chapters before official release. Apparently his goal is to stop at volume 50, but if it takes him longer then he said he will continue writing until he reaches a satisfactory conclusion. So hopefully for us readers he will continue after volume 50. No news regarding a sequel, all he said was that he was busy writing dawn traveler with lms, but he said anything is possible so there is still a hope of a sequel for lms.

Now I’ll give you a small comic from his blog that he posted.

Comic Click Here   You have to scroll all the way down, past his baby pictures, and press 2 on the bottom to go to his second page.

Anyways if you want the comic translation I’ll need to see people are still reading this blog haha. I’ll translate it after 1 day to see how many people are actually still actively visiting. Or sooner depending on comments or chat 🙂

6 thoughts on “Latest News From Author 남희성’s Blog

  1. kseniaf

    I noticed the author posted some illustrations from his books; any idea where we can find the rest of them if we don’t own the original volumes in Korean?
    Oh and thanks for bringing our attention to his comics! And thanks Bob for letting us know where to find translations 🙂


  2. rmag

    I just started reading LMS and am at volume 18. It’s a great read and it’s good to know that the series hasn’t been dropped. Hopefully the author concludes the story within the next 2 years.



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