Hey guys well I don’t know if you readers have visited RainbowTurtle’s site, but if you didn’t just going to say LMS Vol 28 Chapter 1 is out.
Btw you guys won’t escape from me that easily haha, I said I wouldn’t miss translating LMS in my goodbye because, surprise I’m still translating but now on turtle’s site. Well hope you guys will support me and turtle, I won’t forget this site! Thank you all, and I’ll see you on Turtle’s site from now on 🙂

6 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. EbeL

    Turtle is crazy since Ark series. It is not surprising to have that same super turtle speed done on LMS. He hehe *evil grin >:)

    I feel like wetting my pants just from the exciting thought…


  2. Sanguinae


    To get up and find this good news and a new chapter… Is it my birthday? 😀

    It’ll be nice to keep following your work and it seems like you could learn a few trick from turtle!

    Cya then,



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