Volume 27 Chapter 9 and a few words.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hey there guys, this is probably the most awaited chapter of the volume. As you might have already seen, we are going to give the LMS project to Rainbow Turtle of Rainbow Turtle Translations. So from now on, you’ll be getting your next chapters from the site.

To those who don’t really want to read the message below or wanted to read the chapter first before reading the message, here is the link, Volume 27 Chapter 9: A Meeting with a Sculptural Lifeform Race.

Hello there everyone, I just collected everyone’s thoughts before finally finishing our ‘profession’ of translating LMS.

[BlackSun95]: LMS is my first Machine Translation work. The duration I worked as a machine translator was a short one. I regret it being short. But it was a refreshing experience. I helped in translations and got to read LMS in advance. Being a beginner, I plan to train myself even more. In future, I might help in other translations.

Bye, Readers.


Ylric: You want to give a message to the readers?

Hunter3363: [No reply]


Ylric: Do you want to give a message to the readers?

Zvin: No.

Ylric: Why?

Zvin: Greedy leechers.

Ylric: lol

(Ylric: Haha, to those who don’t know him, he’s the guy in the dark, the one who posts those awesome chapters. I just included his name once on the chapter since he never really wanted his name to be known. But let us thank him since he is the one who made those fancy borders in the system notifications, the fancy progress bar, everything in this site including the chat. The site wouldn’t be fancy(his favorite word) enough without him.)

[Sunova]: (He said he will post it himself after the Chapter is published.)

[Raindownchips]: (Nevertheless, he’s been an important foundation for the site so, bless his soul.)

[Ylric]: Hello there everyone, this is Ylric. First I’d like to thank you all, the readers, for supporting the site despite of all the odds. Yes, as you have already read, we are turning over LMS to Rainbow Turtle of Rainbow Turtle Translations. Turtle messaged us a while ago regarding translating the future volumes of LMS. Turtle is a great translator, and a fast one at that, so we decided to give the translations to them.

It’s been a good 2 months translating for you guys. Although it has been a little bit short-lived, but I enjoyed every moment of translating the novel. I, personally, want to thank all those who supported us from the  start, those who cheered us even if we’re only ‘MTL’, you guys are actually an important part of what kept us going during those times. I also want to thank all people who commented their appreciation for the team, even those in the chat, even if you guys thought I haven’t read them, I have.

I will miss a lot from this, I will miss waking up, looking forward on what does the comments section says this time, the guesses about what’s going to happen the next chapter, and I’m just gonna laugh there since there’s really nothing of that sort is going to happen. While some have been wrong with their guesses, some had been actually surprisingly correct. I will miss the feeling of trying to translate a line then realizing that Weed had done something crazy again(Like that 30 Gold). The great team which helped me translate the novel. Of course, I will also miss you guys, the readers. Although I’m not an active person in the site, you guys are what made the site active altogether.

Anyways, don’t worry since everytime my ‘translator’ self sulks like that, my ‘leecher’ self beats him up. So even though it’s a little bit sad, I’m still happy that Turtle picked up the series.

Now for my plans. I would take a break, probably a few weeks also because of the finals week. I plan on fixing the past chapters prior to experience, making them more readable, more consistent and less confusing for the future readers. I probably plan on doing a little bit of it while taking the break since it’s not really that of a heavy work compared to translating itself. You might actually see my name helping on another novel at that time(find me if you can :P), and if guys do, drop by and say hello haha. After that, I will take up another novel series in Korean. So if you guys have any suggestions, just put it on the comments section and I will check it out. Though I already have some titles on my list, it’s still better to have more choices.

Again, thank you all for the support and see you again!

LMS Machine Translations.

49 thoughts on “Volume 27 Chapter 9 and a few words.

  1. thedragonslayr

    hello it was awesome reading your translations. I have a suggestion on what to translate next.

    Dawn Traveler. By the same author as LMS it was dropped by other translators. I hope to see you translate that


    1. Joe

      Thanks for all the hard works and chapters! Really appreciated it! Always looked forward to the releases like a junkie! Good luck with whatever new venture your doing.


  2. tumba456

    Hey sucks for the break yet good for leecher side hmm recommendations I saw dusk howler manga recently dunno if it has a ln but looks interesting.thanks for the translations!


  3. a guy

    you could do spirit migration its trans speed is around one chapter evry 2 and1/2 months
    you could realy help out in that department


  4. ss

    Thanks a lot of your hard work. if I may suggest working on Re:Monster or ari….. something. i even forgot the name(*_*).

    Anyway. Thanks again


  5. RomanFaggot

    Thank you guys. I’ve never written on this syte but i felt the need to give you an immaginary Big for your hard working. Whatever you’ll do in the future I wish you the best.


  6. Bulchwik

    Okay thanks for the last chapt.

    How about making summary of LMS?
    Until vol 46 maybe?

    Because i want to know what happen next chapt. Lol. 🙂


  7. Kisato

    Well, so ends an era. The ride has been fun, and enjoyed the updates. I hope you guys will rebrand this site but I hope you all well in your future endeavors.


  8. Sanguinae

    Like i said in Sunova’s post i’ll miss you guys a lot qTT..TTp
    Ill miss too this community and discussing the things that are happening with the rest of the leechers 🙂
    I wish you the best in your life and in future proyects!
    Only one more thing to say, thank you for your hard work!!
    Thank to you guys i could read some more of this novel that i discovered in septemver and devoured like crazy; you allowed me to read some more when i thought that noone will keep translating anymore like what happened with one of my favorite manhwa, Peak. And for that, thank you again!!
    Ill be looking for your next work, cheers!


  9. Phil1403

    Thanks for the job done.
    Glad to read it was a good experience for you.
    Chapter 9 is linked on the LMS wikia first page.
    If you want to help with the wikia, you are welcome, there are always translation issue (or other type of issue where LMS knonwlegde is useful)
    All the best for your future project.
    Take care

    Ps – Suggestion
    You may want to upload all the 10 vol27 chapters here on a unique page, clean then up ? Might be useful for future leechers ?!?


  10. xravia

    Thanks for everything so far , I know this isnt anything new but at least you got the series back on a running start with turtle , your dedication , time and effort into translating lms is immensely appreciated , Once again thank you!!


  11. Train Heartnett

    First of all, thanks for the translations so far.
    As for a novel suggestion, I’d like to propose Dawnbringer. The translators of that novel’s too slow(still stuck up at the 2nd volume).
    And, enjoy your vacation. 😀

    -Train Heartnett


  12. miosh

    gracias por su duro trabajo en esta serie, es una lastima que no sigan este trabajo pero lo importante es la intención de contribuir y que no a sido drop seguiré el sitio por sus nuevos trabajos >_<


    1. Sanguinae

      I didn’t know that Red Storm manhwa was based in a novel like TLMS, if it’s as good as the manwha then it should be a good novel to translate 🙂


  13. Leecher 01

    Thank you LMS Machine Translations. I have waited for your weekly release in the same way a movie goer waits for a premier. Your work made my life so much more fun! (learning Korean is too much a hurdle for me). Thank you!


  14. Leecher 01

    Fellow leechers! Let us start do a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long comment in the same way Weed admirers did that honorary bid for his auction item!

    Thanks! 0001


  15. Afan

    I want to thank lms mt team for doing a bang up job. thank you for the chapters. without you guys, we would still be stuck at vol 26. thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.

    if you guys are up for it, I would also recommend re monster. it is a very refreshing take on game/light novels. the author have some serious gaming info and background.



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