Sunova’s Message

Hey guys this is Sunova, i’m sure you have all heard about rainbow turtle taking up lms now and so just gonna say some goodbyes on this site.

Its been an honor to work with the lms machine translations group and although my time here wasnt as long as i would’ve liked it was a very fun experience thanks to yhe team members and all tou readers. I truly enjoyed being a translator on this site and i hope to continue translating korean novels in the future. My future plans are similar to Ylric but i wont be taking a break before looking for another project to work on. I will continue to do my new hobby which is now translating haha. Who knows you guys may see me on another project, if you do see me on another project then please drop a hello or some greeting, please do i’m a lonely soul so any greetings will be appreciated haha. Who knows you may see me quite soon on another site *wink*

Anyways now to the thanks

Thank you donators and supporters for donating and aiding this site your donations and support really helped keep this site going.

Thank you readers for staying with this project to the end, and for being your annoying leechy selves haha your pestering motivated us to translate to stop your complaints haha.

And now thank you Ylric and the other lmsmachine translation team members for working with me and accepting me to this project. I will miss everyone but i wont be missing translating legendary moonlight sculptor, there is a reason i wont miss it but more on that issue later.

I plan to still update and use this site to inform people on lms and other light novels maybe even post what other team members are working on later once Ylric comes back to translating so keep this site in your thoughts. And well lms fans and leechers i hope to see you again soon *wink* Lets go Weed!

Grass! Grass! More Grass!!!


10 thoughts on “Sunova’s Message

  1. SleepyHero

    Thank you very much Sunova-san.. it s been good to read your translations, visit this site. much appreciated. wish you the best..


  2. Tanya Lluch

    Thank you so much for translating for us leechers! :)) good luck on your future projects!! I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication to this translation! I love LMS so much!



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