Volume 27 Chapter 6

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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Forge of Hestia

“At this point, I need to endure this.”

During his quest, Bard Ray was teleported and sent to the middle of a battlefield.

In the history of the Versailles Continent, it was The Battle of Kelton Kingdom and Mapon Kingdom!

Bard Ray was currently wearing the suit of the Kelton Kingdom.

“Not bad. Fights like these…”

Bard Ray pulled out his sword.

Soldiers of Mapon Kingdom rode on horses as their gallop resounded on the earth. Dust clouds and long ringing sounds of the horn that they produced also caused them to feel excitement and fear towards the war.

“Cut up those guys”

“Kelton Kingdom, let’s counterattack and recover our lost ground.”

Bard Ray thrust his sword through the ground.

“Sword Awakening.”

– Turns the potential of the sword to power.
Durability will fall rapidly but the skill effects and damage will increase by 68%.

Since Bard Ray had an absolutely unbreakable sword option, he didn’t need to care about its durability declining.

“Strong Will.”

– Prevents physical deterioration due to damaging of equipment during battle.
Suppresses confusion, paralysis and skill failure.

“Black Knight’s Strike.”

– The first attack and each successful 10 consecutive attacks would activate a lethal wide range skill.

“Summon Sword of Dalun Hana.”
[TL: That actually meant Other One Sword or Different One Sword but then it looked dumb so I just kept the Korean name]

Around the body of Bard Ray, a translucent sword consisting of Mana has been summoned.

– In accordance with your skill level, mana is reduced by 70 per second.
The Sword of Dalun Hana is itself an offensive and defensive move.
It could cut off arrows and magic ranged attacks.

Bard Ray used a Secret Sword Skill. That fact alone was already shocking which also made the users thrilled.

In the continent, there were some Secret Sword Skills users but their masters were very picky in teaching the skills.

Although this fact was already known to some extent, If Bard Ray was the one who used the Secret Sword Skill, the power of its skills would be exhibited properly because of his level and equipment.

“This is just in order to deal with these guys.”

Bard Ray referred to as Royal Road’s “The General” just finished and ready to fight.

Although the soldiers of Mapon Kingdom was the one attacking, it seems to have been short-lived.


“Such extravagance!”

“Bard Ray is currently sweeping away the soldiers.”

“That appearance, that mighty power! Bard Ray is showing the viewers the show that they just really want.”

Each of the hosts of the station was raising the heat by their descriptions.

There were series of amazement each time Bard Ray’s attack skills hit, bringing out its destructive power.

Soldiers being killed, even knights, were just being passed and grazed through a few times by his sword before turning into gray.

The army of Mapon Kingdom had been collapsed by just 1 person, Bard Ray.

“Now, it seems like we’re going to give you, the viewers great news.”

Oh Joo Wan conveyed the message.

Not only to KMC media, but this information was also delivered in all of the stations at the same time.

“The Unicorn Corporation said about three minutes ago. That currently, the users that are doing their Profession Master Quest is said to be at 27 people.”

“That many?”

“Yes. And a lot of them are hidden.”

Some of the Versailles Continent’s top players were not deliberately disclosing their information since in some cases, there were some that were falling from their rankings due to disputes.

The users who were proceeding in doing their Profession Master Quest usually proceeded on doing it secretly since it will be troublesome and to avoid interference.

You don’t need to say the same about Dark Gamers and reclusive type high-level players.

“This was released by the personnel of Unicorn Corporation since the nature of each Profession Master Quest does not really overlap nor interfere with each other. Of course, they made sure that the person who was currently conducting it is kept secret. But, the people doing their Profession Master Quest by themselves was said to be at five people.”

“Do you have a clue of these other famous people who is not Weed and Bard Ray?”

“For those people who are doing their Profession Master Quest, I’m about to say a couple of them. I know a person who is currently active in a famous guild. Among them, some of the viewers might know who this is, is Adventurer Chase.”

“Wow! Chase-nim is currently doing his Profession Master Quest! Somehow, his name is not something that is often heard in the taverns lately.”

“He was an adventurer that has frequently been rising and has been the talk of the people because of his special discoveries and commissions that he must complete. For a while, Adventurer Chase did not appear that easily even in the famous cities in the continent since he was proceeding with his profession and its nature.”

Chase was very active on the Hall of Fame in the past.

Although the people who played an active part on the ruins could only be counted on one finger, it was already enough to be called a great adventure.

Shin Hye-min was checking a monitor for the reaction of the viewers in the boards while she followed his words.

“Then again, let’s go back to the contents of the announcement of Unicorn Corporation. Mr. Oh Joo Wan, are there any more stories to be unveiled?”

“Yes. This information would likely be useful to the users who are currently doing their Profession Master Quest.”

“There would probably a lot of difficulties for the users who are first to try. I’m happy if we could help them a little. What kind of news is this?”

“So far, with the operating policy of Unicorn Company the detailed material about it is not yet known. The users must find about it themselves. However, each Profession Master Quest is said to consist of at least twelve stages to twenty stages.”

Shin Hye-min had a charming face mixed with a face about to cry.

“Oh my. Those series of quests are so many, I think it made me dizzy.”

“The quest could just also easily proceed even though they put a lot of stages and might actually progress faster than we thought. Also, depending on the contents of the quest and profession, it may also take longer.”

“Then, what is supposed to be the disadvantage?”

“Given that the quests are in accordance with the characteristics of their profession, it would not really help them having different quests. Rather, the Unicorn Company said an important information about the Master Quest…..”

“What is it? What is it?”

“I’ll let you know after these advertisements. It seems even Ms. Shin Hye-min wanted to reveal it as soon as possible. As the Profession Master Quest is progressing, the secret skills for each profession could be obtained one at a time. In addition, the latter half is said to lead on quests that are relevant to those secrets.”

“Wow! Then, I’d like to do my Ranger Master Quest soon.”

“The same is true to me too. It’s only a shame that my profession skills still have not reached it yet. Note that for one to start his Profession Master Quest, one must be at least Advanced Level 6 for the Combat classes, Advanced Level 7 for the Adventurer classes, and Advanced Level 8 for the Art or Production classes.”

“It seems that Combat classes have a little advantage?”

“Even though they would be the first on the starting point to finish the quest, they still need to master their profession skills, so I don’t really see it as much of a benefit. Rather, breaking it down, having insufficient skills, then hoping for an early quest start, then dying during the quest would significantly drop your skill proficiency.”

“If you really are to die in the midst of mastering your profession skills, it would really hurt my heart.”

In order to analyze the impact of the information stated by the Unicorn Company, they deliberately needed a little time off.

The viewers on the boards were already in an uproar.

The Master of their Profession. Who will it really be in those 27. Ah, it would be nice if I was one of them. When I connect to Royal Road, I’m too busy playing in eating that my character only increased its Belly Fat.
It is going to be a fierce competition behind-the-scenes.
I never really had much to talk about until this Profession Master Quest. The news about Weed had already spread even before qualified people appeared and started buzzing in.
But perhaps the most ahead are Weed and Bard Ray. The first master should come out from one of them.
And ignore Chase-nim? Just how great do you think the adventures of Chase are.
Chase-nim is the world’s most outstanding excavator.
Now that’s not a problem. In the Profession Master Quest, they’re supposed to acquire their Secret Skills one by one.
Bard Ray who now has a Secret Sword Skill will be even more incredible if he gets another one.
My point exactly. Right now, he’s stronger than ever.
Now that they will receive those in their Profession Master Quest, isn’t it just excessive if they also receive rewards after the quest is fully finished?
What could be the rewards?
Mastering the profession skills is usually not difficult. Although on intermediate or higher levels, trying to raise their skills even by a step would be very far off to reach. If you consider that there’s probably something…. I don’t really know.

The news made a commotion between the top-ranked players in Royal Road.


“Pretty good.”

“I thought so too, Master.”

“Why are we not as great?”

The Geomchis were at Vargo Fortress. They disposed their japtem then had their moment of relaxation as they eat at a tavern.

Then, through a crystal ball, they were watching a video of Bard Ray’s battle.

“That guy has a brilliant technique.”

“He is fighting with ranged attacks quite comfortably.”

“His slash hits their shoulders then pushes through and throws them away. He doesn’t even need to step back for a single time.”

“He has a stiff leg. If he fought while moving a little more, wouldn’t it be more advantageous in terms of skill effects or defense?”

“If he just went 25 meters to the right, then break the sieging machine as he fought along, that would be the best course of action.”

He exhibited his enormous military force and took an active part in it as arrows hit his body. The instructors were clicking their tongue as they were busy watching Bard Ray on what he was doing next.

If the battle was Bard Ray fighting with monsters and 1 versus 1, they wouldn’t be able to find fault with him to that extent. However, because they were judging the situation of this complex battlefield, his mistakes were eye catching since they were considerable.

“The combat ability of Bard Ray is really magnificent. It seems that the soldiers of Mapon Kingdom who were supposed to be attacking are terrified.”

“He’s like a commander of Mapon Kingdom brandishing his whip onto the soldiers. It looks like their attack is not retreating against Bard Ray.”

“The soldiers killed by Bard Ray have already reached over 300 in the news!”

The Geomchi instructors and practitioners were drinking beer and eating chicken as they continued to watch the crystal ball.

“We’re only fighting with the monsters and it’s really boring. If we fought like that, it would rather be fun.”

“Then even come out on television…. are we going to be famous? It looks like they’re strong.”

“Ahem, if it really is just not far away, it really looks thrilling and fun.”

The practitioners were badly yearning for it.

“Just really how much sword skill does Bard Ray have? Just seeing his power, it seems like he’s almost in the state of Master! ”

“A Sword Master! A state that’s really like a dream.”

“In the Versailles Continent, he’s by far the strongest user.”

Geomchi put down a chicken leg on the table.

Of course, none of the meat has remained.


“Yes, Master.”

“This so-called Profession Master Quest, can’t we get it?”

“I think we can get it. Geomchi17 have met a samurai who is a Martial Artist on the way as he was wandering around. And he said that once we’re able to deal with any kind of weapon, we need to find him.”

The Weapons Master skill of the Geomchis were already at least Advanced Level 4 reaching up to level 7. Originally, they were not using their attack skills properly and just deals damage purely with their sword up to the utmost limit. The result was, they were able fought with stronger monsters.

“Master, then shall we come for our Profession Master Quest?”

“We’re not. We’re just going to focus on hunting in the vicinity. The disciples should be brought along to form them.”

Although with the level of the Geomchi instructors they could already start the Profession Quest, among the practitioners, there were still some that had a quite low level in their Weapons Master skill.

“Let’s give the boys a little more push until we put them in order. We will not have the quest until they master their Weapons Master skill first.”

“That’s a good idea, Master.”

“Let’s get rid of all the monsters here”

“Come on, we’re going to go to the hunting grounds so let’s fill our bags with dried jerky and barley bread.”


The Part 1 of Stories of the Versailles Continent just finished and the classroom was noisy.

“Ah, It’s really amazing.”

“It was really a huge fight. I could just see those fighting stuff on fantasy films.”

“Bard Ray knew that he was going to lead the fight to victory.”

The flagship of Kelton Kingdom was placed in a situation where they needed to endure until Bard Ray returns. But instead, he slaughtered the knights of Mapon Kingdom and did a huge war achievement.

The Kelton Kingdom along with the King greatly praised Bard Ray after he came back. Not only that, while defending the legitimacy of the royal family among the knights, he was very Black Knight-like who was merciless to his enemies and was then given the Sword of the Royal Knight.

It was already enough for those scenes to be imprinted deep into their minds even for those people who did not even like Bard Ray.

“To receive the Sword of Kelton Kingdom, I wish I was Bard Ray.”

Anyone at that moment would have wanted to be the hero himself.

Despite of the bustling noise around, Lee Hyun just quietly watched the television. Suddenly, he felt a slight tingling sensation on his stomach. That sensation was not really pleasant.

His appearance looks well but it seems like his belly seems to have given a more honest response.

“There are 27 people in their Master Quests. There’s really a lot of users that are stronger than bosses.”

“It is Bard Ray yet, my heart does not really want to follow my mind.”

“I want to see or get near Weed at least once. God of War Weed is really cool.”

“Why not go to Morata then?”

“Meeting Weed in Morata is difficult.”

“But still, it’s also an adventure if you walk around all over the place.”
The students felt a trembling chatter.

‘I need to go home to Royal Road’

‘Wait. After properly finishing today’s hunt, I will be level 277.’

‘If I use the item that I received yesterday, it will be easy for me on the future huntings, very easy.’

His motivation to see himself on a broadcast being on Royal Road was being ignited by these students even more.


Choi Sang-jun was the type of boasting person.

The professor shortly came, and the lecture took place within the remaining time.

“Today’s lesson ended quickly, seems like I need to give an assignment.”


“Professor, that’s too much.”

Lee Hyun just left his Korean Business assignment since for him, it was like a story from a foreign country. In the University, you could get yourself as much as you want to get.

But, Lee Hyun was a bad student and just wanted to receive his diploma.


Weed connected again and he appeared where he was at Orc Stronghold Bursilia and the female Orcs needlessly went towards him while sniffing their noses.

The very popular Orc Karichiwi did not go anywhere yet.

“Chwichichwiiiik, It would be nice if they broadcasted the Sculpting Master Quest.”

Weed just had to put up with the inconvenience.

Each of the broadcasting stations was very eager to contact him. There was a competition for the Profession Master Quest of Bard Ray and Weed since if they could broadcast it, it would give a great effect on their publicity.

But Weed’s stance was, his adventures on looking for Ratzeburg and Montvertruria could not be revealed in the broadcast. The information of his Sculpting Master Quest that will be shown is him helping each of the races and restoring the history and art rather than the battles.

In the case of the Black Knight, it was alright since there were a lot of portions of battles that could be broadcasted.

While, the Sculptor Quest on its own was located in historic places that’s why it needs to be a hidden.

If Weed’s location is to be known, the Hermes Guild Team will interfere with him and it’s going to be very burdensome.

The Hermes Guild who attacked the Elf Village has already traced and heard about Weed being in Orc Stronghold Bursilia.

However, there were far too much Orcs in the Orc Stronghold. There were only a bunch of them spying and was looking for an opportunity to invade.

That’s why Weed had to leave the Orc Stronghold.

“Chwichichwis, Those guys are bad for us Orcs and are always insulting us, chug! Chwichichwis, These bad guys are looking to taste us especially our young Orcs!”

Weed told Orc Lord Bulchwi to dedicate himself on telling lies about the Hermes Guild Team and then left Bursilia.

After that, he did not really had any interest on what happened next.


Weed arrived at the place after asking for Yurin to bring him to his castle in Morata!

Since he obtained Vargo Fortress, he frequently heard Morata oftenly become a hot topic in the broadcasts and boards.

As he reinvested his taxes to the maintenance of the town, A lot of unique Arpen Empire style buildings were built in Morata.

4-storey Stone Townhouses and Luxury villas has been built that overlooked the lake shores. Rich merchants and high-level users then will have the ability to show off their wealth if they wanted to live a nice and convenient life.

The housing policies of Morata that was given will surely fulfill their desires!

But, there were also a lot of cheap shacks for beginners while the experienced architects were building villas centered on a lot of scenic places.

Weed and the other artists created sculptures and paintings. The architects create the Arpen Empire Buildings with their heart and soul and paid attention to the structure and foundation.

Due to the blessings of Goddess Freya, there were vast blooming flowers along with the dense trees. The birds, butterflies and bees flying around, their very beautiful culture and trade, the City of Adventure!

Both the residents and users were feeling that their life was just changing in Morata. At the same time, Weed used his authority as Lord to be able to accurately see and observe it.

“City Information Window!”

Morata’s local area belongs to the Niflheim Empire.
Currently, the best ruler that is reigning the North is Lord Weed.
He has the best city to represent the North as the center of trade, art and adventure.
Morata as a noble land of the north is respected and is called a majestic city.
With its great architecture, the completion of the Grand Cathedral and the Grand Library in the northern part of Church of Freya was an opportunity to widely spread the culture of Morata.
Military Force: 316 Economic Power: 4329
Culture: 5241 Technology: 997
Religious Influence: 91
Influence to the neighboring areas: 82% Regional Politics: 74
Influence of Niflheim Empire: 22.4% (Military influence, Economy, Culture, Technology, Religion, Population, and the related areas)
City Development: 322 Hygiene: 44
Public Order: 91%
The economic influence and politics is growing throughout the north as being the center of trade and commerce.
The population growth and trade has an astronomical increase and more resources are being put on city development.
The residents are given opportunities to pick on several profession guilds.
Morata is leading in development in the North of the continent.
Due to the expansion in culture, the area has been extended to the nearby shores. If the number of merchants that deals with fishermen and marine transport reached a certain extent, you could build a harbor.
The farmers have obtained their confidence with their successive harvests to grow Tea Trees. When you begin to successfully harvest the grown Tea Trees, it will be able to raise the cultural level of Morata as well as an increase on the major exports.
The chances of techniques in Sewing being forgotten to history is decreasing.
It is scrupulous and a challenge for the tailors trying to recreate its glorious past in history.
The current cloth wears, leathers and leather armors is of good quality and fine clothing is being made to be wore by the nobles.
With the technological development and financial commitment, the Tailors and researching on ‘Silk‘.
Blacksmiths are producing steel swords from smelted iron.
Inexpensive and reliable quality goods are being sold in a lot of shops such as Golden Jewelry, Steel Swords, Leather Gloves, Fine Clothes, Sheep, Ale and Olives.
A lot of other goods are being produced in Morata and trade is actively progressing.
The surrounding cities are also improving little by little.
The residents are proud with special buildings and the wide streets in the city.
The merchants have requested for a road that leads to another area!
As a place of adventure and exploration, the remains of Niflheim Empire is currently being traded in the stores.
The young ones love Lord Weed.
If you go to alleys, you will not be able to find scribbles denouncing the Lord.
But when there is a massive war going on, the morale seems to not be high.
Although the finances of Morata does not occupy a large portion for military expenditures, a lot of the money has been committed to it as the tax revenues increased by quite a lot.
You have a lot of loyal knights.
The driving force to the developing culture is their endless confidence and rich support of the artists.
The artworks in Morata Art Center have antiques and artifacts on display which includes sculptures.
Residents are hoping for more Grand Buildings.
Due to the continuous economic development, this place is now in the state of middle class.
Due to the demand of moving away from shacks to get new houses, housing constructions are active.
Freya is the most believed religion in the area. They hold a vast granary around the city.
There are a variety of agricultural products that are being grown.
The army fights with the monsters regularly and due to the economic development, crime rate has dropped.
Specialties: Artworks, Leather and Cloth products, Tomatoes, Grapes, Rice, Beef, Milk, Cheese, Wine, Silverworks, Palm Wine, Fine Fabrics, Gold Jewelry, Steel Swords, Leather Gloves, Fine Clothes, Sheep, Ale and Olives.
Entire Territorial Population: 2,423,932
Monthly Tax Income: 2,311,627 Gold.
Village Operational Expenses: 6% Military, 36% Economic Development, Culture 14%, Monster Subjugation Commissions 19%, City Maintenance 22%, Offering to the Church of Freya 3%.

The tremendous wealth of Morata!

While it is where the beginners gather together and is just developing city in the north, it is becoming wealthy and is being equally famous as those famous cities in the Central Continent.

What’s more is its population had already far exceeded the size of a big city.

Even though the number of residents and beginners are steadily growing, the tax was also increasing steadily.

“Now, grass porridge is the only thing worth to be put on the mouth!”

In Morata, his current savings amounted to more than 3.7 million gold.

If it was a Lord in the Central Continent, the typical thing to do was raise an army using the funds.

For it to not be taken away from them, they were raising their armies then invade a lot of the surrounding villages.

This was because there’s also a lot of commercially developed cities which are wealthy there.

Morata was mainly devoting itself to the internal affairs that’s why the city grew itself from ruins.

“I guess I need to build more Grand Buildings. I also wish to make the active trading come true.”

The Lord could build even more different types of Grand Buildings which is due to the result of adventuring, culture, technology and population.

He was struggling when he built the Grand Library and the Grand Cathedral since he was mobilizing a lot of the funds and resources of Morata but now, he can afford things of that degree.

If he built two more Grand Buildings in Morata, then it would be the largest city in the Continent.

“And the sun will shine for more taxes!”

His endless greed!

The belly of the goose that lays golden eggs is not something you could separate from it.

Without selling the golden eggs and hatching himself will he be able to exploit all of those goose families.

“Construction of Research Tower!”

It was designated to be built on a vacant lot in the outskirts of Morata.


Research Tower!
This tower is where the mages stay to study about the truth of the world.
It would allow to study the four different branches of magic.
Developed magic could be taught to qualified mages and in exchange, the mage will give research or jewelry.
It will create a rapid growth in training among mages and will be able to teach unique experiences.
The research capacity of the Research Tower will vary depending on the abilities and number of the staying Archmages.
A lot of money is going to be spent to support the mages with their grants and remunerations.
Construction Cost: At least 1.8 million gold.
Construction period of at least seven months.
The construction period may increase depending if there’s any accidents with the personnel involved.
Experienced Architects are required.
The Architects who participated in this work will be able to get a unique experience.
Multiple sculptors, painters and mages have to be mobilized. The artists who participated in this work will be able to have additional opportunities with their name.
– Are you sure you want to start the construction of the Grand Building, Research Tower?

The money-eating Tower!

Weed knows from experience that the normal construction costs could increase.

But as he saw it, it also has very large operating costs that was not there until after the construction of the buildings in Morata.

Once the mages grow, the hunting speed of the users will increase while a market for magic items will be formed.

Magic items are made with rare materials and are very expensive when traded.

From the perspective of the Lord, it is worthy of his little investment.

“Though it is expensive altogether… This is good compared to the much worse situation back then when I built the Grand Cathedral. Start construction!”

– The construction of Research Tower will proceed with the command of the Lord.

The residents in Morata has increased and the skill of the architects have improved a lot.

There are even some users in Vargo Fortress who wants to increase its foundation by building a Great Building since they were not satisfied with just the Fort.

It’s only a small money to spare compare to how this investment will be able to earn big money in the future!

“Grand Buildings on testing the Ranger Class is not bad to put in there. Buildings for Adventurers also seems to be not too bad.”

The fate of more than 100,000 users has been mixed up with the conflict of Weed on choosing between those professions.

“Would 2 more be alright? If I continue to invest, it seems that I would be a little short for money even if the taxes come. No, I’ve got to build something solid rather than increasing their number.”

Weed decided to build another one.

It was among the Grand Buildings of the ancient architectures!

He was to build the unique heritage that the Dwarves made in Ratzeburg.

“Construct Forge of Hestia!”

It was designated to be built outside the gates of Morata.


Forge of Hestia!
The Dwarves liked the warmth of Goddess Hestia’s embrace just like a furnace.
They built a very large forge to extract iron from iron ore and named it the Forge of Hestia.
Sometimes when the blacksmiths are smashing the iron, little sparks which were said to be blessings from Hestia would come and emerge.
The items made in this place is said to contain with special powers.
Construction Cost: At least 950,000 gold
Construction period of at least five months.
The construction period may increase depending if there’s any accidents with the personnel involved.
The Architects who participated in this work will be able to get a unique experience.
A number of blacksmiths have to be mobilized.
Blacksmiths who participated in the work would be able to get the opportunity to learn about fire.
Once the Forge of Hestia is completed, you will receive a gift from a blacksmith.
– Are you sure you want to start the construction of the Grand Building, Forge of Hestia?


The construction of Forge of Hestia will proceed with the command of the Lord.

In Morata, there were still a lot of users that were lacking in ability.

The beginner blacksmiths were making swords and armor with the provided good-quality iron.

“As Lord, it’s unfortunate that this much is only what I could give!”

As trading is conducted, the products that comes from the forges of Morata is going to be sold out more.

Also, if you wore good equipment, even as a warrior, your body will just feel like an itch and being in Morata will be much safer.

The time to increase the tax payments is coming soon!

Weed was investing while overlooking the distant future.

“I guess I’m gonna make some ceramics.”

With the rivers, lakes and the fertile land of Morata, it comes with several types of soil. The city then has a large flame furnace that is not being put out by the blacksmiths and just let it blaze.

The Lumberjacks around the vicinity of Vargo Fortress were also been shipping fine quality timber.

Those were the optimal conditions on making ceramics.

Currently, each Profession Master Quest has an ongoing fierce competition.

The number of people in the quest spiral is not that many since they were the best users in their own professions.

To complete his Sculpting Master Quest, he needed to work in his spare time to increase his skill level to the maximum.

“The others, they only get regular Combat Quests while their skill level also increases and even gain items. This world is really unfair…..”

The Sculptor also complained for a moment.

Weed had stacked his contribution points of each race to a massive amount that others would find unreachable.

In terms of having a background on Ratzeburg, there’s a large possibility that only him, the sculptor, was the only one who needs to find that place.

He also came to increase his skill to acquire the Secret Sculpting Skills till the end of it.

“I must firmly keep and see to it that they are popular and be shared to the nobles!“

In the Versailles Continent, although ceramics was not originally an unprecedented thing at all, it was still classified as a luxury for the crowd with its artistry.

Weed just created a sensational trend through Mapan making the sales.

“Also, I got to sell and drag this valuable and popular trading goods through the merchants.”

Ceramics has better conditions compared to other works of art since you could get the amount 3-7 times better.

It’s a good chance for the beginner sculptors since without the having the sculpting skills, everybody was just figuring out how to make ceramics.

Ceramists will also quickly blossomed after making works and sell them in the city.

Although they were just simple vases and water bowls that were made using the hands, it still attracted great popularity among the girl users.

At this rate, if he failed to sort things out, he’d obviously feel sick in his stomach!

“I have to make true ceramics and roughly figure out its laws on creating a failure. The soul of the artist is a huge platter with plenty of luxuries and their works must be indefinitely overpriced!”


A post in the Royal Road forums has reached 17 million views in just one day!

Title: It really sucks if you’re not living in Morata.
Uh, I’m a newbie that started in Morata!

My level is now 19, please understand even though what I’m going to say is a little rough.

I feel so good in the inside right now.

Originally, every beginner will find it unbelievably difficult and having no money is tough.

Honestly, what can I start to do with just 10 barley bread and 1 canteen of water?

But, I was just shared with a delicious Grass Porridge on the streets!

I’d do hunting outside on the day and if I’m hungry, I could eat the given grass rice cake.

While traveling, it’s best to fill one’s belly with grass rice cake.

And the quests… there’s a huge variety of quests that could be found only in this city too.

Having errands for Weapon Shop owners? Who are like this in Morata?

The lost legends of the Niflheim Empire or, requests for finding items or, connecting and talking with several people, you could have a lot of commissions to complete.

Originally, it was hard to get quests without Fame and Intimacy.

But the loyalty and satisfaction of the residents to the Lord of Morata with their current life is so high that the people are friendly enough to trust in you.

Talking to some people could help gather some fragments of stories and completing it would sometimes lead to major quests.

Commissions with difficulty level C or D.

I’m a beginner that’s why naturally I couldn’t yet.

Because of putting records about quest information on the Grand Library, other adventurers would reward me after giving them info.

That’s why I have been out collecting artifacts made by them for the quests.

The lost people from the Niflheim Empire have flocked in as Morata have been filled with them.

So they create the quest while I am out collecting the artifacts.

And, invest my money in equipment whenever food does not need it anymore.

But apparently, what I did first was to find out the cost of equipment sets in the boards and try to buy it from the merchants who were selling in the square or stores.

I feel bad, the price was much cheaper than the outside.

Morata’s tax is so low that the profits remain from what they sell! Whereupon the one that the merchants are saying that they stay and sell in Morata since the tax also remains the same. There’s just a lot of users that sit down and could earn a fortune.

That’s why I don’t like to be a merchant later.

Customers are too many and too busy making money that I can’t even roam around to have fun wherever you like

As for trading, you are supposed to manage those who complain about how expensive your items are and very tedious to deal with customers that you need to smile, thank and greet.

I spend money to admire a lot of artworks scattered in Morata, and saw a novice works in the inexpensive Arts center, which collected lot of money. I saw lots of it.

From the benefits of Art to the Bard performances then, I went to see the hunting grounds and fight with monsters.

Also, being on hunting grounds with a lot of people is exciting and the forest is wide enough to see that the beasts are indeed diverse. The public security is also good for beginners since those difficult monsters do not get near the city.

When I walk and meet with the Paladins and Priests of Freya, they give blessing and healing magic every time we meet.

Why am I saying things like this?

If you’re a beginner here, you must’ve been shocked since it’s so fun and comfortable.

Then with the money collected, you will be just in time to have a good outlook of your shack.

Due to the level distribution in Morata, I am not really worried about me going elsewhere.

Not only the Art Center or the Grand Cathedral, but I also visited the packed guild buildings and the Grand Library.

But what’s more is, the Lord is building another 2 Grand Buildings.

Do you think the Lord of Morata is really crazy?

Yet in the Central Continent, aren’t they living by being heavily persecuted under the rich guilds?

We’re really enviable. Only by living like this will you really feel like you’re living in this world.

I also have some tough times, those times where you feel like it’s very difficult and painful to live.

Comments have furiously spurred out.

Morata was like this… so this was the reason people wanted to go here.
It is heaven. I started on Lyps Castle. Sigh, the bad guys there. My heart has been always the same and I want to kill them to the point of death.
I feel so sad with this bad writing.I went here since the other place was troublesome. All the time, I’m always feeling alive. Morata is an absolutely good place to live on!
Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge! There’s hair that came from the Mushroom Grass Porridge.
The Lord has been going on creating a lot of Grand Buildings.
Wealth. Love. Almost everything. Maybe, I should go to Morata.
I’m a highschool student who has not yet started Royal Road, I would like to play it now. Won’t I regret it if I go and started in Morata? Is it really particularly like that?
The one above me is so naive….
The one above, please be careful. If men and women kiss, there’ll be babies.

116 thoughts on “Volume 27 Chapter 6

  1. lord_kuching

    look at the progress bar… this will be a really long anticipating week for us lechers.
    Keep up the great work guys we will be waiting


  2. Rational blockhead

    Hi, thanks for the chapter. I was worried with the quality droping on chapter 4, but this one are quite good. Much less typo and almost no confusing sentences. Thx again


  3. Princepride

    Hi thanks for the chapter. One quick question, why don’t you guys team up with clickystranslation rather than taking over the project? (not trying to sound rude)


    1. Ylric

      We did try to ask him, but he didn’t want to work with us. And also, he just said he didn’t mind it and it’s overall a win-win situation for you readers.


      1. Rational blockhead

        Yea, i read the post about those, so maybe you guys can alternate the volume, like after this clicky can work on volume 28 and you do the volume 29 until you guys catch up with jaws, who was working on volume 30.
        But to be honest, the best scenario would be all three of you working together, and booking on who will do which chapter, and provide the list and link on each other


      2. Rational blockhead

        But after i think about it again, the one think that make all of this complicated probably is the donation….. But that just me speculating


      3. Ylric

        Hey there! Well, the donation thingy is really just optional for you guys, though it really helps the drive of the translators and not lose steam. Didn’t really think it would create complications since I think almost every other translator has it too. Anyways, yes, I do believe that working together towards the same goal was the best thing to do though it seems like they didn’t share the same principle. I did talk to John Nest(Jawz) he seems to be alright with it working with us though there aren’t any direct conversations about it with us since we’re still 2 volumes down before 30.


    2. Sanguinae

      Ylric just replied to you directly, but next time before asking something like this to the translators try making a search because this same question have been already answered a lot of times; and by the way, why do you say they are taking over the proyect??? Anyone could translate anything, if a translator team ask other for permission is for being polite because they don’t own anything, just to be clear, clicky don’t own the rights to translate a shit. This team started translating TLMS cause clicky wasn’t doing a shit for more than a month, almost two, and started cause a user whose i don’t remember the name wanted to read more and translated it for himself, deciding later to share his work in the wikia, after a few more chapter, Ylric (if i don’t remember wrong, maybe it was other user) decided to do the same with another few chapters and they asked the people who read in the wikia about starting a team who translated it and make it seriously not leaving the translation for months; when clicky take his head out of his ass a few weeks later and shaw that someone was doing what was expected from him 2 months before he started to complain and say incoherent things, to me it seams like life happens and clicky lost interest or just gained more interest in other things but anyway this team asked him to work together and he doesn’t wanted, so people stop this nonsense of shit talking this team which have just started, are gaining some experience and are making and awesome job for being together for so little time. Be patiente!


      1. Rational blockhead

        Lol, sems like you have a lot of anger building up on this topic. You should vent it out sometimes.


      2. Ylric

        Hey guys stop fighting lol. Well, at least he’s more polite than others. I do appreciate your concern Sanguinae seeing that you have the most comments in the site(YAY!). Do you guys want me to include the story of the site here? I could put it on about. Though the story is pretty is pretty dramatic on the things that is going on so maybe not. Anyways, thanks and we appreciate it.


      3. Sanguinae

        Sorry Ylric, the rest of the team, Princepride and the users too, i probably have been too agresive in my reply but i don’t like to watch while they (he’s not the first and as you have said he was polite, but there have been a lot of other leechers badmouthing this team) keep blaming you for something that is not your fault.
        I love this novel and having some new chapter to read from time to time feels amazing, you guys are doing an incredible job, please don’t let anybody to diminiss how you feel about the result of your work or belittle yourself.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Kelly Oliveira

        you’re right, I was one of them that wanna read more chapters and needed wait for a month by next one. And came on, if u think for a minute that this serie is currently in 44 volumes and the translation in english was dragging till some months before because was translated 1 chapter per month, it’s a miralce read one volume from this serie in 2 months now. And sincerely I’m grateful for the work that wiki’s and lms machine’s team did!!! I was reading TLMS in english because are just on volume 10 and by the way that clicky was doing I thought that learning korean for read this serie was faster…

        ps.: I just learn read in english like a native for this, but I’m not good writing in english sorry…


      5. Princepride

        Sorry in no sense did I mean my comment to be hostile, all I was wondering was if there was a particular reason why they weren’t working together … which they have explained in another thread/post but I was unaware of it … ‘Nd I am fully appreciative of all the work all the translators are putting into this project.

        Once again, thanks for all the hard work and sorry for my ignorance, among other things.


    1. Rational blockhead

      About the leecher bad mouthing, dont mind them to much, specially most of your reader would be leecher(since they didnt contribute in anything, which include me). But hey, if they keep coming back to bad mouth your team, wouldn’t that mean your blog is popular? Just take in the good thing.

      As for colaboration with jaws, i says god speed and good luck. Hope there wont be anymore bad drama.

      Ps: can you make a small joke or side story like circus, their joke was hilarious, well sometimes at least


  4. xxjstarx

    Almost there!!! Thank you guys you have no idea….well probably do..how this means to the people that loves reading this novel.. thanks much appreciated!


    1. Sanguinae

      That’s a pretty good idea, maybe knowing the provisional names of the last volume’s chapters, so we could know ahead what to expect of each chapter… but maybe someone prefer to know it only when the chapter is done… :-S


    2. Ylric

      I’ve also been thinking about it, but there are some complications like on the Chapter 2: The Ceramist, it could actually be translated as The Potter alone. But after translating the whole chapter, one would realize it was actually The Ceramist rather the The Potter. Anyways, I think I could try it for the next chapter.


  5. Ian

    Thank you guys for every thing. Love your work and appreciate all the time you spend making these chapter available to the non Korean speaking people’s!



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