Volume 27 Chapter 5

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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Translators: Ylric, Sunova, DarkSun95

The Birth of Ceramists

Ever since the hunting of the Chronodons by the Orcs started, there were no still accidents that happened. The bird eggs were so well made that they were already enough to attract the Chronodons. There were also the skillful warriors and hunter Orcs to take into account.

When there was only 4 left for the completion of the quest, 6 of them suddenly appeared all at once.

Every second was a dangerous moment.

‘This is the end.’

All six of them descended to the earth as Weed and the fearless Orcs waited for a surprise attack.

“Chwiiik, Catch those bastards.”

“Don’t forget the revenge for the Orcs. chwis!”

“Let’s defeat these guys and go back to Bursilia. chwiicwhiiiig!”

Although it was the final attack, the Orcs were still not careless and distracted. While there was also some mild behaviors, Weed’s leadership and nagging while keeping an eye on them kept them from doing so.

-Kkaeraek Kkaeraek(It’s a trap. Let’s escape).

-Kkiet (Let’s eat the bird egg)!

A struggle between the Chronodons!

After the 4 climbed up the beautiful net, it was already easy enough to hunt the remaining two.

The Chronodons breathed flames as they were caught on the net. But, it was a slow process.

It’s like there are spoon and chopsticks on the dining table for this quest. There were different ways to handle the situation!

Then, a voice was heard from the skies.

-Kkukkkyeeeeee(The Orcs are attacking our kin)!

There was 1 Chronodon that was passing by and witnessed the spectacle.




The Chronodons who were in the net and the Chronodon in the skies were having a conversation. Given the circumstances, their words were probably asking them to be rescued.

But the Chronodon who was flying through the sky changed its path and did not come down to land. Perhaps it was going to go back and lead a bunch of its kin.

“Weed! What do we do?”

Pale and his other party members who were hiding and just sightseeing sprang out in surprise.

They saw that their own kin was being hunted so the Chronodons would probably come back for revenge.

A huge crisis might fall upon them.

“Once I deal with these guys. chwiiig!”

Weed thoroughly eliminated the Chronodons who were hanging on the net.

The Orcs killing all 35 Chronodons has been completed.
You have accomplished the terms of the quest.
Sculpting Mastery has increased.
The reputation of Orcs as Sculptors will improve.
Leadership has increased by 4.

Quest complete!

Weed commanded the Orcs.

“Orcs, go back first. chwiik!”

“Karicwhi, no way… chwis.”

“Chwichwichwis, please could you…..”

The eyes of the Orcs turned fierce.

“It’s not going to be fair to leave you alone to eat these delicious eggs, chwiichwiiiik!”

“If it’s really bad for Orcs, chwichichwig. Then we should split it and eat them with each other.”

The Orcs’ thinking was just up to that level.

Bellot just sighed dramatically.

‘Idiot Orcs, I’m just trying to tell them I’m going to send them first. To protect them from being caught by the Chronodons…..!’

Weed became stuck thinking about how to deal with the situation when his face suddenly toughened.

“You guys, go first, chwiiik. I’m going to guard the back of my brothers, chwis!”

The Orcs were really going to fight to the end that’s why Weed encouraged them twice to thrice harder. When they all had disappeared, he dispelled his Sculptural Transformation. The Orcs were surprisingly sharp, that’s why he was quite surprised.

“Whew, they almost got caught!”

“Weed-nim, do you have any plan?”

Pale felt something and asked.

In this situation, when Weed sent the Orcs first, he’s got to have some ulterior motive.

“Let’s just first eat these bird eggs together.”

There were still remaining bird eggs that were not broken!

The flames, discharged by the Chronodons during the battle, had cooked the eggs perfectly and deliciously.

He sprinkled the salt, that he created in his journey to Jigolath and ate the eggs together with his party.


1 of the Chronodons flew back to their lair.

‘The Orcs killed them all. I’m not going to leave even 1 of them alive.’

If the leader of the Chronodons led them, they could surely avenge their resentments.

When they arrived back to the nests as quickly as possible, their kin was nowhere to be found. It was only filled with traces of the battle that took place nearby along with the lingering scent of salted eggs.


The Wyverns, Goldman and Bingryong were at the nest looking at the Chronodons.

At that time, it was projected that there were 10,000 Orcs that raided the nest of the Chronodons.

The Orcs suffered considerable damage while Bingryong and the Wyverns had succeeded in their activities to wipe out the Chronodons.


“Chwik. Karichwi, you are just too great. Chwichichig. Without a doubt an incredibly amazing and exceptional Orc.”

Weed went back to Bursilia and lots of praises poured in from the Orc Lord Bulchwi. The fame of Karichwi and his fame with the female Orcs had increased further as well. It was an obvious fact that the males felt nothing but envy towards Karichwi.

“First, I spoke to all of the Orcs, chwichichik. And many of the Orcs believe that sculptures, to the Orcs, are also extremely important, chiwchichik. I, Bulchwi, must also admit it as well, chwik.”

Battle Against Chronodons completed
It is shown that the Orcs are born warriors and have great physical strength.
The flying Chronodons have showed their weakness and you achieved victory based on sculpting.
The territory of the Orcs will expand out on Gray Lake and El Nath Mountains.
Although there were a lot of unknown monsters, the Orcs will think you can overcome any crisis well.
Orc Lord Bulchwi will have respect for sculptures and Orc Sculptors within the tribe will be given more preference.
Fame has increased by 2960
All stats has increased by 3
Friendship with Orcs has increased.
Orc sculptures will be respected better.
The Orcs will develop the culture and knowledge about Sculpting.
Among the innumerable sculptures they are able to create, there would be a high possibility that there would be unique pieces that the Humans and the Dwarves are unable to create to be born.
This Orc culture made their inner unity become even more firm.
The birth rate of Orc Shamans and Druids has increased.
Through sculptures, they will be able to pass their skills on hunting to their young Orcs.
The Orc Heroes created solidarity between the Orcs species.

Weed solved the quest but rather than rejoicing, he felt as if something was off.

With his Sculpting Master Quest, in the end, he felt that it was somewhat empty!

“This sculpture, chwis. Seems to have improved. Ratzeburg, I’ve been thinking a lot about it. The Orcs have laughed at and played with the Dwarves as if they were toys. Chwiiig!”

Neither past nor the present story between the Orcs and Dwarves was good. Orcs were the most disliked race and were bad with relationships, the Dwarves were also the race the Orcs particularly hated.

“Though in fact, chwichichwig. I  want to apologize to them. Karichwi, I’m trying to give them sculpture as a gift, chiwchichwig. We want you to take this job, chwiiiig.”

Relation Improvement of the Orcs and Dwarves
Orc Lord Bulchwi have known the truth about Ratzeburg and replaced his thoughts about sculptures. Their narrow-mindedness and intolerance caused a division between the disagreeable nature of the Dwarves and them. Apologize first to reconcile with the dwarves.
Because of the generosity of the Orcs, you would probably reach out to the dwarves.
Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest
Quest Limit: Sculpting Advanced Level 8 or higher.
Must have a close relationship with the Dwarves.

Weed then nodded.

“The Dwarves has beer already embedded in their loud and boorish beards, chwichichichichig! I guess meeting and talking with them is really going to be a bother, chwik!”

– You have accepted the quest


“Kehehehe, finally done!”

Mapan was riding his wagon and arrived at Hilswade Castle.

The big shops in the capital of Aidern Kingdom were often selling a lot of luxury goods!

“Hmmm, I don’t really whether could I get a reasonable price for these.”

Mapan bought the ceramics made by Weed along with the ceramics made by their friends in Montvertruria.

His merchant wits felt something, he seemed to be a little salty about his earnings on buying those ceramics.

Weed’s ceramics cost 30 gold each!

Bargaining and selling artwork was difficult; errors could easily be made and the price wasn’t even certain. With Weed’s prior experience in the past on making proper ceramics, it ended up getting sold 30 gold per piece.

Of course, the ceramics that the others made did not even hit outside 5 silver.

“I wonder if this can really sell. I don’t really know, but the market price is going to be a big adventure.”

Mapan carefully steered his wagons containing full of ceramics and headed for the shopping district.

The trading post was surrounded by the residents while bustling sounds could be heard.

“The world is truly difficult to live on.”

The most notable traders that could be seen were importing glass ornamentals and were earning a lot of money. What will I be able to buy with that kind of money?

“Floor carpets are a very rare sight these days. If it was to be sold today, a lot of people would still buy even though it is a little expensive…”

“In the next few weeks, wine created from grapes will come out. In this neighborhood, although it is popular, wouldn’t it be better to bring and sell it on a further location? Oh yeah, there’s also wine that comes from Morata of the north. I wonder what is the taste of wine there. In Aidern Kingdom, the flavor is rich, although a little distasteful but the wine still sells well.”

The words from the residents were a very valuable source of information for the merchants.

Looking at the small portion of the goods in the Versailles Continent could help set what the trend would be.

For Mapan to have an increased prestige and charm, he wore commercial expensive clothes and got out of a carriage.

“The ceramics would probably sell better…..”

His heart was pounding as he opened the door to the bowl store and entered.

With Hilswade Castle being a fairly large place, more than 20 users were picking bowls. Merchants, cooks, there were such a huge variety of people that were purchasing house bowls.

“What brings you here?”

“Just came to sell some things.”

“Let me see it.”

Mapan took out three water jugs and bowls Weed made from his bag.

The shop owner carefully looked at the bowl and shook his head.

“If you did not know, there are also shops in the mountains where you could buy these products.”

“Ah, is that so?”

Mapan felt embarrassment about the bowls as his face reddened.


“Look at him. He’s completely embarrassed from importing cheap bowls.”

“I agree. How useless must it be that a store doesn’t buy them. If it’s passable, I might just give it a shot.”

“When people can’t use it, is it not supposed to be sold to the Goblins?”

In the Versailles Continent, most of the novice traders are a pain in the ass and would just indiscreetly laugh at you!

The merchant attire that Mapan was currently wearing was acquired by going around with the Geomchis and was a rare equipment that’s why users would usually not recognize it.

But, the shop owner of the bowls continued and said.

“I don’t really know much about art. This valuable work is supposed to be used for holding food or drinks, right?”


“You could see these kinds of artworks in luxury good shops and art exchanges.”

With your high valued goods, Fame has increased by 2.

Mapan’s heart rate accelerated.


Considering the deceptive nature of Weed, what he brought was quite sensitive. But it seemed to be worth at least 30 gold.

Mapan went to see the store owner of the luxury shop of bowls by looking for the store name. If he had any expensive items, this was where they supposedly did business.

He showed the ceramics to the owner to find out their prices.

“Well. This bowl… The color is beautiful and the finished quality is quite excellent. It’s going to be noticed by a lot of nobles. Merchant Mapan, I have stumbled on your name quite a few times. I heard that you were oftenly trading quality good products and have a good reputation in this particular field, I would be generous and give 220 gold for each one.”

It’s already 7 times the amount he had paid Weed, and as for the profit one gets for specialty goods, it was a huge amount!

Besides, Weed created it using dirt, water, fire so the price to produce it is even second to none. Right now, selling and trading it would reap benefits since this it was considered as a profitable business and merchants embraced something that would give tremendous experience and fame.

But, Mapan grabbed the opportunity once it came into view rather than sell. Since he has good items to sell, it was possible for him to ask for more money.

Of course, in the worst case scenario, his intimacy will fall and he would not be able to make another transaction then just go to another kingdom to trade.

“Did you know who did this work, how could it be that the best selling price is at that? It upsets me that you believe that it was a good price for what I brought.”

Mapan slightly noticed that he will come out strongly if he sold out Weed’s name.

“Let’s see. What the… I made such a mistake! It’s the work of the most famous sculptor and adventurer Weed! My whole life, it was my real desire to see Weed’s sculptures.”

Your first trade has succeeded.
Due to selling items, your accounting skill has increased by 0.9%.

The price of Weed’s sculptures was influenced by his fame and received an increase in its price.

Due to the numerous adventures of Weed, it was already something normal that he already had a certain level of intimacy with any resident. As the merchants always have wanted, it was their dream to sell trading goods at an overpriced price.

Mapan swallowed his saliva and was thrilled.

It was an exhilarating moment like when a warrior is hunting for a dragon.

“Considering the person who created this, I’m not going to sell this stuff if I was you! These rare bowls of yours are difficult to come by. 280 per piece would be fine. What do you think? Would you sell?”

The gold offered was 50 gold more than what he originally expected. However, the greed of these merchants would always want themselves getting the premium.

“It’s not what I expected. I will go and investigate on five other places.”

“315 gold! For anything more, look for His Majesty the King, it’s not really practical for a house. What do you think? I think this is fine so would you sell it to me at this price?

Your second trade has succeeded.
Due to selling items, Accounting Skill mastery has increased by 1.2%.

Mapan was also now getting rejected at luxury stores and since it’s difficult to deal with the shops, the correct decision should be to come back to Hilswade Castle.

But, his greed was still the one who took over.

“Well, I think it is a little lower than the ideal price… Didn’t you know that these goods are priceless?”

“Hmmm. Even so, I could only purchase it until 326 gold.”

Your third trade has succeeded
Due to selling items, your Accounting Skill mastery has increased by 1.7%
You have received the ‘Clever Merchant in Selling Valuable Goods’ title.
As a well-known merchant, you would be able to receive and increase in price from the shop owners.

The third trade which was quite tricky also succeeded.

Those were the success stories on the merchant boards are on this level that week.
The weekly success stories on the merchant boards If the conditions for trading goods was good, a positive reputation should spread. With high intimacy, there would be an increased possibility of frequent buyers but rather, there’s also the risk of failure and it would be difficult to even attempt to bargain.

The presence of him being Merchant Mapan was not really on the bad side, that’s also why he succeeded on bargaining a deal even on his third attempt.

‘Where is going to be the fourth?”

Of course, if his 4th bargain is to be successful, not only his accounting skill but he will also be able to get a tremendous reputation and trading gains.

He wasn’t even sure whether they could receive special titles, since other merchants hadn’t until now.

“I will sell.”

“Thank you very much!”

Mapan had to stop here.

Merchants knew very well that people with excessive greed can only be called as madness.

Right now, Weed’s ceramics is currently more valuable than a priceless treasure. If afterward a lot of pieces has been released, the prices will fall and would even have a stricter quality check. For now, this level of fine luxury was alright.

You have sold works of art and reaped massive profits in the trade
Fame has increased by 3697.
Art has increased by 2.

The traders looked at the message window that floated.

A new trading item, ‘Ceramic’ has been registered in your inventory.

Since that time, they paid close attention to the what the residents of Aidern Kingdom were saying.

“Have you seen my ceramics? Have you? It has a very clear color and an elegant appearance…
Believe it or not, this is the best jug!

“Sculptor Weed created another great work of art. Ceramics! They were favorite artworks of nobles and rich people that’s why each of the merchants was currently contesting.”

“They said that there is an opportunity to have one of Weed’s works in Hilswade Castle. I think that Merchant Mapan is going to be the next person with great wealth. It would be awesome if you could get regular dealings with him as in the position of those shops.”

– Ceramic is creating a trend.
In Versailles Continent, Kings and nobles desire ceramics.
Although you can sell this in any shop, you can receive a specialty product treatment.
If you sell in large quantities, you could get contribution points for the city.

And furthermore, a new thing happened.

– The Ceramist profession has been created.
A sculptor can change his job to a ceramist, having to make ceramics professionally his profession.
Knowing how to handle clay and fire, this is a job that belongs to the hands the fastest growing handicraft.

New artworks could now be created by this new profession.



Lee Hyun went to his school on foot.

Listening to lectures, eating lunch then going home was his university life!

“This University has no romanticism!”

Actually, Lee Hyun never attended MTs, Club Meetings, sports competitions, or conferences. He never attended all the non-required activities, that’s why he wasn’t really worthy of saying these words that came out from his mouth.

But the truth was, Universities were already being caught up in winning employment wars.

The second year students were already preparing for their future on certifications and language studies. It was ordinary to build up experiences in the related companies. Students preparing for the Civil Service Exam were easy to find and could be found everywhere.
[TL: Civil Service Examination is like exam boards but for those who wants to be government employees which is implemented in a lot of countries.]

“It looks like the era of working to become slaves of the government and companies is growing and the era of living as beggars has come nearer..”

“The world is still land.”

Land Investment!

There was a celebration next week in the Korea University since each of the departments had been readying for the season. Even though the freshmen were tired and not in their right senses.

“I will not go to school during those days, I will just go and play Royal Road.”

Lee Hyun strongly decided.

At that time, the students were reminiscing about their memories when they had enjoyed the festivities, but Lee Hyun only thought about the money people earned and how he could earn money as well.

So far, he was consistently earning considerable amounts of money in Royal Road from the auction items. He was piling up his savings from the salary he was receiving from the adventure videos relayed by the broadcasting stations. Recently, he was being just a little envious about those wealthy kids who had been born wealthy.

Not even a funny comedy program could make him show a very heartwarming smile compared to his hidden account deep inside his drawer.

“Hyung, Hello!”

Park Soon-jo pleasantly greeted him.

“You’re early.”

“Yes. Not long ago, I just finished the quest I was doing.”

Nowadays, it could be noticed who were suffering on quests and Park Soon-jo must be finished on his since his look turned brighter.

He had successfully completed his Thief quest with several stages which is what he called the greatest adventure.

“Hyung, would you like to know about my quest?”

“Oh, the lecture is going to start so if there’s still time then tell me about it.”

“At first, it just started from a simple request from the Thieves Guild. Then I was asked to deliver one gray cloak.”

Sometimes, chain quests lead to quests with a whopping eight times significant increase in scale and difficulty. After finishing a chain quest, the residents of the Bansen Area would usually talk about Thief Nide and talk about him. But it was such large quest that it had already grown larger than usual and was spreading far.

“Have you ever heard of Thief Nide? If Joo Yung-nim finds that thief, he would definitely kill him.”

“Joo Yung-nim had one of the most prized magic items, but someone stole it. The thief fled to some dungeon with it!”

“A great deal of trouble has been done by that thief called Nide. In the dungeon, it seems Nide discovered something great and has it.”

Because it was a quest obtained from the Thieves Guild, after completing the quest, he also gained notoriety. Not only that but he also got a thief class exclusive item which is the Pelwi Thief Gloves.
[TL: Park Soon-jo is Thief Nide, it’s weird how he didn’t tell the story of him being Nide.”]

“Wow, I’m jealous. I am telling you, the items you get are very high level.”

“Hyung is also high level.”

“I’m what? I need to earn just to save my family and feed them.”

Seoyoon laid down her bag and sat next to Lee Hyun.

It was as if suddenly, that was a fixed seat for Seoyoon as it was the only place she sat on.

“Good morning.”

Park Soon-jo greeted her and Seoyoon merely received it by nodding her head slightly.

This overbearing and the natural beauty!

‘Elegant, she’s actually prettier today compared to yesterday.’

By her simply accepting his greeting, Park Soon-jo was already feeling glorified. Just the fact that Seoyoon knows about you was already enough to give boundless joy.

Thanks to being friends with Lee Hyun he could also sit near Seoyoon.

For most people as long as they were given lunch boxes for lunch time for a year by her and have a warm bonding time, then it would be the happiest memories of their living life. But as for Lee Hyun…

“Yesterday, the bacon omurice was tasteless.”
[TN: Omurice is Omelette-Rice]

“I slept late that’s why I did not have the time to prepare it. Today is the seafood nutrition meal with boiled potatoes, is it alright?”

“It’s delicious.”

Some people were murmuring in the distance as they saw and heard the conversation between Lee Hyun and Seoyoon. Lee Hyun was sometimes seen as the best hyung, but he was also infinitely hated and envied.


During the start of the class, the assistant came.

“Okay, okay! Today, your professor is going to be a little late.”

“Then, is it canceled?”

“No. Because of the academic calendar requirement, it couldn’t be canceled so please just wait for 40 minutes!”

Lee Hyun did not really have any love for studying. But, the more they did this, the more his college tuition will be wasted!

But it was not like the time when if the train arrived late, you would get a refund fee. When the classes get canceled or end early, the fees were not even being returned.

“This is an unreasonable and pre-modern system. Also, with the corruption of the foundation of the school, it’s like digging for underground water and when water surges, they are not prepared!.”

How come that the irregularities regarding the school foundation could only be seen by Lee Hyun.

Some of the students said.

“Now is the time for the Stories of Versailles Continent… isn’t it?”


The students turned on the big TV that was installed on the classroom wall.

The program just started, Shin Hye-min and Oh Joo Wan described the contents of the broadcast.

“Today, we sure are to tell a lot of facts. Mr. Oh Joo Wan, is there any news that you prepared for us?”

“Yes, if you’re curious about the best, this is the video of the Battle on Bard Ray’s Quest and it will continue until it is live for Part 1.

The eyes of the students brighten as they looked forward to it.

“Wow, we can see the fight of Bard Ray?”

“Last time, him fighting with the army of Kallamore Kingdom was a big hit.”

“He is undisputedly the Versailles Continent’s best user. Giving him that is already pretty much by default.”

He is the King of Haven Kingdom and Hermes Guild.

It’s not even an exaggeration to say that Bard Ray’s military force belongs to the best and majority people are just afraid or jealous.

“I think there’s a lot about the Black Knight’s Quest last week. And it’s also about the invaders and I think that the majority of the contents is about that fight.”

“Yeah. Bard Ray doing his Profession Master Quest is already a thing that a lot of the viewers probably knows.”

“Profession Quest of a Black Knight, due to its background, would have a lot of challenging battles that would be needed to overcome. I’m currently working on the story regarding the background of this war. In a few moments, we’ll watch that part of the video for more information.”

If everyone wants to see the battle of Bard Ray, then they would have the right to organize and broadcast it off time.

Even Lee Hyun was usually seeing a lot of videos of the battles of Bard Ray.

The enormous strength and skill of a Black Knight was well executed and it showed a flashy fight for the eyes of those who watched!

There was one who always used excessive force who was nicknamed “The General” but his efforts was all for nothing since it was still not enough to prove it.

“Then, about the recent trends of the Embinyu Church. These are the videos of the result of the wars in these past three days. Now, are you prepared on the news for the merchants?”

“Yes. And this news leads to surprising events. Ceramics is being extremely popular among the nobility recently. And Ceramist as a new profession has been created for the art department.”

“There was a lot of rumors that this tremendous impact was produced by the ceramics made by Weed. Whether this part is a fact or not, we will let you know through the reporters. We have information for those novice users who will select the Ceramist profession which we will be covering along the way, so don’t miss it.”

“An introduction to hidden dungeons and hunting grounds, still unresolved high difficulty quests, bizarre events that are taking place every day in Palemo Castle, and also the recent news about Monka and Morata will be continued in Part 2. We will continue after these advertisements.”

The students were hoping for the lecture to start late as long as possible. They were not in the mood to study since they are immersed on the television.

“Solaya, we are telling you now to go to Morata. It’s great. There’s a lot to be noted at today’s broadcast.”

“Are you coming to Morata? Come and see, send us a whisper Prudin. I’m currently in Morata.”

“Since when were you there?”

“A pretty long time now! It’s also the place being governed by God of War Weed. I’ve really been originally interested in the North.”

The adventures in Morata were also being enjoyed by the students.

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